In September 2017 part of the RRS team traveled to Riga, thanks to the European Midstream collaboration project, to carry out a series of interviews for the exhibition called You've got 1,243 unread messages overseen by the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art.  These interviews include the voices of curators, collectors, lenders, and investigators, and are testimony to the extensive management and investigative work of this project.

You've got 1,243 unread messages The Last Generation Before the Internet. Their Lives is the title of an exhibition that includes different narratives through social technologies such as diaries, songs, and photo albums that were used in the Baltic country before the arrival of the internet.  This exhibition shows the similarities between seemingly horizontal means of communication beyond the specificity of the analog or digital media in which they operate.

These interviews are accompanied by a parallel investigative capsule about themes touched on in the exhibition and the selection of the work of two artists for the Processes channel.  All of this will be published under the Midstream group category.  Midstream is a collaborative project that seeks to analyze the role of audiences conceived not only as consumers, but also as producers of content, in a context framed by the post-media paradigm, the specificity of contemporary artists' production, and new forms of cultural mediation.


Código copiado al portapapeles.
Audio Rubén Coll & José Luis Espejo. Photography Sara Buraya.

Baiba Krogzeme - Mosgorda, Edgars Zvirgzdiņš, Rihards Funts, Kaspars Vanags, Andrejs Strokins, Ieva Astahovska, Māra Žeikare, Kitija Vasiļjeva, Solvita Krese


Creative Commons by-nc-sa 4.0

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From Baiba Krogzeme - Mosgorda's interview.