"A person or a group of people (the action is, in principle, conceived for a group) walk around a city chanting “TA TE TI TO TU.” They wander through the streets, take the underground, go to stores, churches, markets, cafés, boutiques, etc. A professional radio announcer accompanies the group, at a little distance from the others, and describes everything that happens: where the group is, what people are saying, whether there are many people around or just a few, if the traffic lights are red or green, the remarks that people make. The announcer improvises depending on the situation.
The program may be broadcast live, or prerecorded. If it is LIVE, listeners will really understand what is going on in their city (or in some other city). They will hear the announcer, the traffic noise, the people, etc.

If the program is not live, they will simply hear the recording. (If it is produced in the studio, a much greater level of fantasy can come into it. All kinds of outlandish situations can be imagined: that the choir is walking on water, that it flies away, etc.)

Live performance:

The listeners are sitting in a room. At a given moment, the choir appears from somewhere chanting “TA TE TI TO TU,” crosses the space, and exits, heading somewhere else.
Once the choir is out of sight, the broadcast begins. The announcer starts to speak, describing everything that is going on. At the end, the choir appears again. The announcer falls silent. The choir again crosses the space (entering from the opposite side) and disappears again."



Código copiado al portapapeles.
Esther Ferrer. Grabación y masterización para esta cápsula de Juan Carlos Blancas
Creative Commons by-nc-sa 4.0