José Val del Omar (Granada, 1904 - Madrid 1982) is usually identified with the field of cinema, but if a person as restless and curious as this Granada native must be classified, the limits of that definition should be extended. This missing link – unknown and forgotten – between the first and second avant-gardes is a symbol of process as the last tool in works of art that confront the revolutionary cry for total art. Invisible Auto Sacramental: The Message from Granada is an idea-project-work that is merely outlined in some scraps of audio. It goes beyond vision to create, in 12 channels, a story full of elusive turns and phonemes hurled onto the floor where they bounce aimlessly. If “sound is like ash, you see it, it has shape, but when you try to grab it, it comes apart, vanishes, flies”, then Val del Omar’s Invisible Auto Sacramental: The Message from Granada is a very big handful of ashes that we have tried – as successfully as possible – to rework and disseminate with this capsule.


Código copiado al portapapeles.
Pedro Jiménez - ZEMOS98
Luis Mata

Javier Ortíz Echagüe, Javier Viver, Chema González, Eugeni Bonet, Beatriz Rodríguez, Chiu Longina, Benito Jiménez y ZEMOS98.

Audio quotes

  • Collage by José Val del Omar from "Archivo María José Val del Omar and Gonzalo Sáenz de Buruaga" identified with R1461a and fragments from soundtracks Aguaespejo Granadino and Fuego en Castilla provided by the sound archive digitilizez by Javier Viver  for his PhD Laboratorio Val del Omar.
  • Interview with Llorenç Barber by for Centro José Guerrero for the opening of the exhibition: Desbordamiento de Val del Omar en Granada (license CC Reconocimiento-NonCommercial-Sharealike)
  • Fragments from Baladilla de los tres ríos of Federico García Lorca recited by Rafael Alberti published as a  book-CD by Visor Libros. Madrid (2006)
  • Recreation of the Auto Sacramental Invisible. El Mensaje de Granada published by the collective with voices of  de José Val del Omar's domestic archive, egipcios de la plaza Tahrir, los asaltos de Gdem Izdik en el Sahara Occidental and Beatriz Rodríguez's voice.
  • El sonido es similar a las cenizas… de Chiu Longina en Código Fuente: La remezcla published by ZEMOS98