This podcast features two different works by Jaime Munarriz and Juanjo Palacios. Each fifteen-minute piece is the result of a composition made using recordings done at the Museo Reina Sofía to mark the occasion of Sound Situation. Aural Drift.

For his piece, Jaime Munarriz applies strategies of appropriation and recontextualisation to the sound space. The base idea is that the city does not offer the wealth of sounds found in natural spaces, but is only filled with traffic and voices, while museum space provides a refuge from this tangle of noise. The later composition of the work then highlighted the non-referential sound qualities that construct different abstract planes.

Jaime Munarriz is a professor of Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the author of Imagen Digital and co-author of La imagen fotográfica. He has also participated in different experimental music projects including Monaguillosh, Destroy Mercedes and Druhb.

Juanjo Palacios (min. 15:18) presents a sound walk, for which only the starting point in the Nouvel Building was pre-established. He then roamed around the museum spaces without a fixed plan, chiefly collecting the sounds of steps, murmurs and traffic, in contrast to the landscaped spaces inside the Sabatini Building.

Juanjo Palacios is a frequent collaborator with the LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre. He has coordinated different projects related to sound landscapes and field recordings such as mapaSONORU and La Escucha Atenta, which is both a netlabel specialising in sound landscapes and a questionnaire for a variety of phonographists.


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Jaime Munuarriz, Juanjo Palacios
Luis Mata

Adrián Cuervo

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