Richard Hamilton

Popular culture is much bigger than pop

Creator: José Luis Espejo
Podcast: Inaudible
Thanks to: Rafa García
  • Image 1 of the program Richard Hamilton
    Advertising of Hoover Constellation 867A
  • Image 2 of the program Richard Hamilton
    Cole Porter/Rouben Mamoulian. Silk Stockings, 1957
  • Image 3 of the program Richard Hamilton
    Richard Hamilton. Self-portrait Living Arts 2, 1963
  • Image 4 of the program Richard Hamilton
    Richard Hamilton. Treatment room, 1984

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Richard Hamilton is known as the predecessor of Pop Art, a contemporary art movement based on the importance of mass media and popular culture. But this artist, instead of scorning the mass media as entertainment for the population’s distracted perception, analyses the technological and theoretical structures behind this form of popular culture.

The relationship between low and high culture, with the privileges associated with the latter, are a recurring issue of debate among the thinkers of his generation.

This podcast presents the part of Hamilton’s work that is related to the popular culture of film, industrial design and music. It looks more at his interest in the media − the projector, the tape recorder or the vacuum cleaner − rather than the masses. With work that is far from cynical, he contemplates Western post-war culture through an unrefined artistic production that reflects many of the micropolitical problems arising in the everyday life of Western societies and in their daily relationship with technology, images and sound.

Audio Quotes:

Cole Porter Anything Goes Smithsonian Collection 1977 / / Tomas Alva Edison Electricity and progress 1908 / / Marisa Anderson Electricity 2012 / / Cole Porte Stereophonic Sound Interpretada por Fred Astaire, Janis Paige & MGM Studio Orchestra 1957 / / - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra This Is Tomorrow [20’s Jazz Version], BMG 2102 / / Harry Belafonte Jump In The Line RCA Victor 1961


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